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Jane Graves trained as a ballet dancer at Sadler’s Wells ballet school. Subsequently she read English at Oxford and then went on to LSE. She began work as a cultural studies lecturer in 1968 at Central Saint Martins, teaching psychoanalytical theory and sociology. For her last ten years she organised and taught a cultural studies programme for three MA’s in design. During this time she became increasingly involved in the studio and the making process. She also trained and worked as a specialist dyslexia tutor whilst undergoing eight years psychotherapy training. Since retiring in 1996 she has lived and worked as a psychoanalytical psychotherapist in the East End. Before and after leaving Central Saint Martins she published widely in design journals (many of these papers are included in some form in The Secret Lives of Objects).  In 2006 she wrote ‘On Making Interest Matter in Art and Psychoanalysis’; ‘Conversations Heard and Unheard’; ‘On Seeing Through Pattern; Glass and the Lacanian Gaze.’ She is currently working on ‘Proust and the Asthmatic Gaze’, to be followed by ‘The Clown and Shroedinger’s Cat.’ She is very fond of a good time, which includes reading, writing, sewing costumes for family pantomimes, walking and camping. She has four children and four grandchildren.  



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