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The Papers

Below are links to a synopsis of the individual papers featured in The Secret Lives of Objects.

Clutter – flotsam and jetsam [1996]

Pattern, a psychoanalytical approach – pleasure or oppression [1993]

Symbol, pattern and the unconscious [2002]

Inside the inside…a psychoanalytical history of a jug …when things go wrong. [Published in the Journal of Design History Vol. 12 No.4]

The washing machine – ‘mother’s not herself today’ [1996]

Beast dreaming; myth, materials, fantasy and psychoanalysis in making a beast costume [Published in Textiles: the journal of cloth and culture Vol. 1. Issue 3]

‘Emerods’, anality and design [2000]

The automobile as desiring machine [2003]

Nature – a new look at an old problem [1995]

Are two pricks better than one – or whatever happened to mother? [2000-2004]

The kitchen as the upside down lavatory [1991]

Dancing with skeletons [2003]

Something resting through being used [2003]

Through a glass darkly – illusion and disillusion [2006]

Dance, desire and dyslexia [2001]

Now is drowning [1994]

The logic of the shadow [2004]

Death of the photo album [2006]


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